Wednesday, December 9, 2009

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Just finished watching Julie & Julia with The Wife. Makes me want to set a 365-day goal and see it through. Don't need the meltdowns or the marital grief that Julie experienced, but the satisfaction of achieving daily short-term goals and adding each of those daily successes into weekly success and a monthly success and finally a full circle -- that would be something.

I'm told I'm getting a new camera tomorrow. It's a birthday present that I told The Wife not to get. After the money we spent on the kitchen, an expensive camera is just not essential. I tried to distract her with a proposal that we buy a flatscreen TV. I thought I had her hooked when we went to Best Buy and explored what we could get on their three-year same-as-cash deal. But this morning, The Wife explained that she and The Kid wanted me to have a new camera.

In 2003, I created a website called Digital Art Desktops -- I took photos that could be used on computer desktops. I tweaked them in Photoshop. I loved using Photoshop's filters to transform the ordinary into something imaginary.

Each photo came in three sizes -- 1024x768, 800x600 and 640x480. Back in 2003, you still had a lot of computers with 800 by 600 resolution and even 640 by 480. I suppose it's back to the future in screen sizes when you consider the size of mobile devices.

The Internet Archive -- -- shows that Digital Art Desktops was operating from 2003 to 2008. I expect I wasn't maintaining it after about 2006. My site's 15 seconds of fame occurred when a Brazilian newspaper wrote a story about the availability of downloadable computer desktop artwork. Hard to imagine that subject being "news," but at the time the Internet wasn't quite as crowded as is it today. Anyway, for about a week my little website saw really heavy traffic. The rest of the time it was just there. My only real fan was a woman who worked with me at The Bee. She loved changing her desktop with the seasons and using my seasonal offering. She was also the only person who cared when I eventually shutdown the site.

A camera. 365 days. It could happen.

Here's a few things I pulled out of the Way Back Machine

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